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NdFeB Special Ring Magnet
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NdFeB Special Ring Magnet

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1.Radial Oriented Ring For Motor


Introduction:         Radial ring is whole radial ring magnet, it can be magnetized as multi-pole, skewed and uni-pole magnetised. The ring mainly used as induction magnet for motors.It can improve the motors’ performance and property. It is the future development tendency of motor magnets. It is one of the best sintered NdfeB ring magnet manufacture in China.


Assembling easier;

Mechanical precision better:

Stable magnetic property:

Improve the motor performance.


2. Sintered Polar anisotropic Ring


     By this technology, surface magnetic flux can reach top level, about 50%-100% higher than the Arc magnets and radial ring Magnets, it can remarkably raise the efficiency of Motors, and It also helps motor to be light-weight and save raw materials, these make it to be a good choice for high-performance motors.


  1. Higher Flux Density
  2. Rotor Shaft Can be non-metallic material, to reduce weight of motor without reducing magnet performance
  3. Higher utilization of permanent magnet

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