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Competitive price, Best quality and best service

Competitive price, Best quality and best service

  NINGBO MAGBES MAGNETS MATERIAL CO.,LTD is a new high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, processing and sales of NdFeB permanent magnet materials. The company is located in Ningbo - an east port city in the Yangze River Delta on the shore of East China Sea, We are also marketing other permanent magnets, such as Sm-Co, AL-Ni-Co, hard ferrites and rubber magnets for more than 10 years, Our annual production capacity is over 1200 tons about various magnets . Over 90% of our magnet is exported, mainly to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, HongKong , Taiwan etc over 40 countries around the world., We also have a excellent team to provide various design about magnetic assembly appliance.

  For all , We persist in providing superior quality, competitive prices as well as prompt delivery. Based on this strong background for many years. We serve our customers sincerely while they treat us as their trustful friends.

  Our prices are competitive on basis of good quality. To be a best partner, let our clients get the most profits with quality products is our long-term goal. So our motto is: Competitive price, Best quality and best service.

  You are invited to contact us and we are also would like to make best service with you. Giving us a chance is giving yourself an opportunity.